Since YOUNG-Africa's aims to inspire, equip and engage Africa's youth in creating innovative and marketable solutions, we use a three-pronged approach to achieve those goals in order to implement our goal of seeing Africa as a place where young people are encouraged to dream, and are provided the resources and avenues through which they can see their dreams nourished into reality. However, these approaches listed below are not the only avenues we use.

For example, YOUNG-Africa has partnered with members from the House of Representatives in Liberia including Rep. Edwin Gaye to draft a bill aimed at promoting the sciences in Liberian colleges and high school, called the YOUNG-Africa Inventors and Entrepreneurs Act. The Speaker of the House has pledged support for the bill. If passed, the bill will focus on providing incentives for students to explore engineering and the sciences and financial support for those programs. This will be crucial in a country with a tiny number of graduates coming from a science or engineering background.