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    1.  When President George Bush ordered Operation Shining Express for US Marines to airlift Americans from Liberia in 2003, many babies who were American citizens with Liberian parents were caught in the crossfire. The Americans demanded to airlift Americans, not Liberians but when it came to the American babies, the US Marines requested Liberian Mothers to leave behind their Liberian spouses and Liberian Children to accompany their American Citizen Babies to America. The Liberian Mothers were promised Temporary Protected Status (TPS) which was given to many Liberians at the time. However, upon arrival, the mothers applied for TPS, and paid the required fees, but they were denied for no justifiable reasons and their non-refundable fees eaten by the USA. While other refugees from Liberia enjoy refugee status and work permits, the Liberian Refugee Women airlifted by US Marines along with their American born children languish across America year after year, despite support from members of Congress, a federal civil lawsuit.

    1. Congressman Jim McGovern-D-MA Is Sponsoring The Letter To President Trump
    2. A bloody civil war in Liberia claimed 250,000 lives. Some Liberians came to the USA in 1990 because of the civil war, over 500,000 foreigners have been granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) including Liberians. However, many of those granted TPS have seen their status adjusted and changed to Green Cards but Liberians are either without work permits or those with work permits that are about to expire. 

    3. For example 52,000 Chinese, 150,000 El Salvadorians and many more got TPS and later were allowed by America to adjust to Green Cards but sadly, some Liberians are still in limbo on DED status set to expire in 12 months but thousands of Liberians languish without work permits since 2002.

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    • 8 Dec 2019
    • 10:00 AM
    • 15 Dec 2019
    • 12:00 PM
    • 30 Gordon Street, Boston, MA 02134
    Citizens Independence Initiative International Conference

                           "sharing dreams, serving others & rising up together".

                                       Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America

                                                        December 8-15, 2019

    What is your dream?

                                                                        Conference Speaker, Harry Gbusseh, Ganta, Liberia, West Africa dreams of becoming the best aircraft designer in the world. Workshop Tracks: 

    Global Grassroots Civic Leadership, 

    International Human Rights, 

    Participatory Democratic Engagement 

     Economic Mobility & Self-sufficiency, 


    Rev. Chauncey Obadiah Moore.  America During Racial Segregation

    Hon. Ben Swan Massachusetts State Representative (Retired) Civil Rights

    Saye Biyie, Liberia In God We Trust Credit Union Bank

    Torwon Krua-Tobacco Free Africa

    Torli Krua-Civic Engagement Citizens Independence Initiative

    Patron Nemere-Music

    Rev. Mahn C. Krua Sr-Ziah Mission Christian School


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